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Therapeutic Bodywork

Joene Strasser LMT 20903, CAMP, RMT

Practicing in Crooked River Ranch (Terrebonne, OR)

Bringing balance full circle.  Balance.  What is balance to you?  Is balance getting through your work day and having the ability to take that walk after work? Is balance having the ability to take care of your family with the patience and enough energy to play?  Maybe its maintaining your body enough to train for that 5 mile run you keep wishing you could do.  Whatever balance is to you, your body also needs balance.  When you have pain, discomfort, lack the ability to move the way your body is capable of...you lose balance in your body and in your life.  Let me help you find that balance again, and regain your goals.  Massage is not a fix all, but can be an important part of the whole.  Whether you are in business, a home maker, an athlete, a craftsman or recovering from a condition or injury; Massage may be just what you need.  Lets make a plan to reduce your stress, and bring balance full circle!  

Meet Joene:  This is ultimately my dream job.  I have seen massage do amazing things for my own body and wellbeing, and I love seeing what it does for others!  The entire concept of holistic care, involves Diet, water intake, herbs, oils and good living.  An essential part of self care is addressing stress, aches, pains, limited movement and injury recovery.  The fact that I can be a part in this journey for health and a better balanced being, is amazing.  Let me share with you what I have learned.  Let me help you find relaxation, better movement and less pain. 

**I do use Essential Oils in my practice. If you have allergies or sensitives to Natural scented oils, Please let me know BEFORE you schedule.

If you are under the care of a Primary care provider, chiropractor or physician, please ask them if massage is right for you

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