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Services And Rates

Hi there!  I specialize in Therapeutic Massage, Deep tissue without Pain and Myofascial Release.  I have a number of complimentary modalities available in my skill set, that can be combined into a custom experience that is just right for you.  I use all Natural and Organic products, free of chemicals and pesticides.  I use Young Living Essential Oils, which are Pure therapeutic grade oils and I believe they are simply the most wonderful and pure EO's available.  

Hot Stones, Cupping and Gua Sha are also available for use in treatments.  {please let me know if you bruise or bleed easily due to health or medications before requesting these treatments)

Service Price
Reiki Treatment-30 minute $45
30 minute Massage $45
60 minute Massage $65
90 minute Massage $95
Pre-Paid 5 Pack-60 minute Massage $285
Pre-Paid 5 Pack-90 minute Massage $425
30 minute Cupping Session $45
60 minute Massage with 6 oils $110
90 minute Massage with 6 oils $135
90 minute Massage with Reiki  $95
30 minute Essential Oils Consult $15
Cupping During Massage  $20
Gua Sha During Massage $20
Hot Stones $20
Hot Towels $20
15 minute Salt Scrub on Hands or Feet $20
Salt Scrub During Massage  $10
Reiki During Massage  $20

Because I use Essential Oils in my Practice, please let me know prior to your appointment if you have allergies or sensitivities.

Young Living Essential Oils:  Schedule a 15 minute consultation to talk about what oils might be right for you.  Consults run $15, however; if you place an order of $40 or more, the consult fee does not apply.

Equine Body Balancing,  is By appointment, at your home or other Equine facility. This Service is $95 per Session.

 Your horse should be clean, groomed, dry and Halter/Ground Trained. All appointments are contingent on weather and available Shelter, especially in Winter weather.   For the safety us both myself and the Horse, I need to know the following items, to start:

* Is your horse in Pain or Injured?  *Have you received an "OK" from your Vet  to have your horse worked on by an LMT/CAMP? (Certified Animal Massage Practitioner)   *Does your horse bite or Kick?  * Is your Horse experiencing any coughing, Mucous discharge or Fever?  *Have they had body work before or is this their first time?  *What are you hoping to achieve with Body Work for your Horse?

This allows me to come in with an idea of what we will work on, what our goals are for your horse and what modalities to use during a session.


Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

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